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Water Pollution is a Crime

Don't Stand for It


Call or text 302STOPPIT (302.786.7748), or write

The Double P Means "Prevent Pollution" -- About 302STOPPIT


302STOPPIT is a partnership between New Castle County (NCC), Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), the City of Wilmington, and four smaller municipalities; Bellefonte, Delaware City, Town of Elsmere, City of New Castle, and Newport.  


Dirty stormwater is one of the largest sources of water pollution in our area. When it rains, stormwater runoff carries trash and pollution into storm drains and then into local ponds and streams. Trash and pollution are not just an unsightly blight on our quality of life but they also negatively affect wildlife and recreational activities like fishing and swimming.  

We are working together to manage and maintain storm drains and storm sewers to protect property, quality of life, and the environment. Much like the gutters on your home, which need periodic cleaning to function properly, storm drains can become clogged by natural and man-made materials.

We need your help to keep the storm drains and storm sewers working like they are supposed to!


Call or text 302STOPPIT (302.786.7748), or write whenever you see something suspicious entering or blocking a storm drain.

Visit for tips on what you can do around your home to keep our streams running clear and clean. 


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