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Water Pollution is a Crime

Don't Stand for It


Call or text 302STOPPIT (302.786.7748), or write

What to Report


If everyone in New Castle County works together, we can enjoy clean and clear streams, ponds, and rivers. If you spot these signs that someone isn't doing their part, report it! 

STOPPIT_leaky dumpster.jpg

Leaking Dumpsters

When rain falls on open or overfilled waste containers, the "dumpster juice" runs into storm drains and the nearest creek.

STOPPIT_oil slick.jpg

Oil Slicks

When shade tree mechanics dump used motor oil and other fluids on the street, they run downhill to the nearest stormdrain -- and then the nearest creek.


Household Chemicals

The storm drain is the wrong place to dispose of paint, solvents, detergents, pesticides, and other household chemicals. 

STOPPIT_garbage in catch basin.jpeg

Household Garbage

Household garbage can quickly clog our storm drains, which can cause water to back up into your streets, yard, and home. 


Yard Waste

Grass clippings and yard waste clog storm drains, potentially flooding streets and nearby homes.

STOPPIT_pool water.jpg

Pool Water

Pool water must have all chlorine removed before the water is emptied out. If you suspect someone is draining chlorinated water, we want to know about it.

STOPPIT_dog waste.jpg

Pet Waste

Pet waste isn't fertilizer, and storm drains aren't trash cans. Pet waste is a leading cause of disease-causing germs in waterways.

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